Fruitgel«SAMTEK» Company

Frutogel - viscous concentrates for the hot preparation of glazes, for spraying machines or for manual application. After the application the gel creates on the surface of the product mechanically stable glaze that easily cut with the product forms. The glaze is completely transparent, gives the gloss shine surface and protects the surface from drying.

Preparing to use: add to the product the required amount of water (determined experimentally) and heat the mixture to boiling point. The gel is used at a temperature of 50 ° C - 90 ° C. On cooling, the gel creates a jelly-like structure, but after the next heating it liquefies and again ready for use. 

MarkingProductExpiration dayPackaging
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04.22«Cherry»180 days4 kg; 12 kg
04.23«Strawberry»180 days4 kg; 12 kg
04.24«Apricot»180 days4 kg; 12 kg
04.25«Kiwi»180 days4 kg; 12 kg
04.21"Neutral"180 days4 kg; 12 kg


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