Poppy filling«SAMTEK» Company

Samtek-service Ltd offers a ready-made Poppy seed filling products (paste and powdered consistence) and nut filling product which has powdered consistence.

Poppy seed and nut filling products can be used as a filling in various confectionery products (puffs, croissants, cakes, buns, cookies) as well as for filling in the semifinished products (pancakes, dumplings).

Owing to the fact that carefully selected ratio of ingredients in this product, poppy seed retains its taste and filling can be also used in baking products. At this condition the filling product retains its density and form.

Poppy seed and nut filling products can be used in the products that freeze and then defrost and bake

     Expiration period: 180 days

MarkingProductPackagingExpiration date
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07.11Poppy filling with raisins (on demand)15 kg180 days
07.13Poppy filling with prunes (on demand)15 kg180 days
07.12Poppy filling with dried apricots (on demand)15 kg180 days
07.14Poppy filling with cinnamon15 kg180 days
07.20Poppy filling "Classic"0,5 kg; 1 kg; 15 kg; 30 kg180 days
07.21Poppy filling15 kg180 days
15.24Dry poppy filling0,6 kg; 25 kg180 days


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